SEO services that we provide

Steeped Digital works has over 30 years of combined experience in both Physical World and Digital Marketing. We take pride in delivering Smart Digital Solutions that create Engaging Experiences for our Clients’ Customers. Our goal is to help our Clients be Found on the Web. Our work with SEO and Full Stack Marketing is designed to help Build Traffic for our Clients.

On page SEO

We take pride in ensuring that with our SEO services every page on your website is set up for success.

Content Strategy & Execution

We will craft a content strategy that will help you take it on the competition and succeed.

Quality Link Building

We focus on the quality of links. We seek out links only from the most authoritative sources

Lead Generation

Our work with SEO, web design & full-stack marketing is designed to generate leads and build traffic.


We deliver page one rankings

On-Page optimization involves analyzing the keywords that you need to succeed in your business and updating specific pages on your website consistently and methodically. We help you improve content, and do strategic internal Link Building which helps you improve your SEO performance and through that draw the traffic to your website, that you need for your business.
Are you looking for SEO Toronto? If yes then you have come to the right place. Call us to find out how we could help you with your goal of traffic generation through SEO.
WE are amongst the very best SEO companies for small and medium sized businesses in Toronto.
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What we do

Steeped SEO gets you to the First Page of Google Search. We offer professional SEO services that help websites dramatically increase their organic reach and compete for Page-One rank even on highly competitive Keywords. We find you success even when you have alot of your competition vying for the same google search traffic. We are potentially your best partners for the best SEO in Toronto.

We help your website get found

Success in Local Search depends upon Prominence. Google’s algorithms look for Relevance, Trust and Popularity among other factors. Trust and Popularity add up to Prominence
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Your website is not just a pretty page

Google processes over 3.5 Billion searches a day! Which is 1.2 Trillion searches per year worldwide. You cannot afford to have a website that is not converting some of that search traffic into customers for your business. We design simple, elegant websites that have the potential to be a sales machine.

Uptime for your website not only determines whether or not you are open for business, it can have a very large impact on your SEO. Google recognizes website uptime as a key ranking feature. So, what can you do to improve uptime? Call us to learn more.
Mobile, Voice search, Artifical intelligence etc. and the incorporation of these into search is something that you already know about. These advanced technologies will change the way SEO is done. However, the principles of creating evergreen content and white hat SEO will ensure that changes in factors of search algorithms will have little impact on your website’s traffic. Call us to learn about how you can use platforms that your customers interact with to imporve traffic to your website.
The Steeped Digital guys were fantastic. They helped us modify our content with the right keywords and had us rank on page 1 of Google, for 4 keyword families, in just about 6 months.
John Louie

One Size does not fit all

Prior to commencing any work on a client’s website we begin with a two step discovery process

This 2-step process helps us understand the strength and weaknesses in the client’s current position and from that we prepare an SEO action plan. This is a bespoke action plan, unique for each client’s requirement. In SEO, one size never fits all.

Content Creation

We create optimized content that is written intelligently for humans and not just machines to read.

SEO Analytics

Source of traffic, visitor behaviour and competition activity are all a part of our SEO Analytics.

Link Building

Our focus is on earning links from authoritative websites, to boost your website's trust scores and increase SEO rankings.

Local Ranking

Google My Business listing, & quality citations are just the starting point of getting to the top of Google local rankings

SEO Accelerators

How do you get a head start in SEO

Keyword research

Structure your website for your target keywords

Meta tag

Write engaging meta descriptions that invite engagement and clicks

Page titles and title tag

Optimize your page titles and Title Tags for each primary keyword that you are targeting

Relevant content

Write relevant content that is written for humans to read and which is also Google friendly

Measure it to improve it

Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These will provide you invaluable and free data about whats working and what you need to improve on your website

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