3 Easy SEO Tips to Exponentially Improve Your Online Visibility

3 Easy SEO Tips to Exponentially Improve Your Online Visibility

If you’re looking to boost your online visibility and increase traffic to your website then you need to get to grips with Search Engine Optimization. This frightens many people off as they feel that it is a complicated set of algorithms that they have to study and game. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many simple SEO tips are relatively intuitive and can in many ways be regarded as common sense. So if you are looking to improve your online visibility, here are our three top SEO tips for increasing your traffic.

1. Include Lots Of Links

To ensure your website does well you need to illustrate to Google that you are a reputable website. We follow Google’s algorithms. And to do this you need to include links to other reputable sites, ones that are considered authoritative. This is also helpful for the reader as you are guiding them in the direction of more information should they want it.

Sites that are considered authoritative are generally news websites. Many sites are good for one type of link. If you are writing about business or wealth then Forbes is always a good site to link to. If you are writing about a recent event or politics then a major news site such as CNBC, CNN or even the BBC might be good choices.

But remember not to overload your reader. Trying to cram as many links as you can into your blog post so that every other word is a hyperlink will backfire. Two to three links per 500 word post is generally a good number to include.

2. Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Did you know that we are approaching an area where mobile traffic accounts for more traffic than desktops or laptops? This means your mobile site has to be accessible and top rate. You might wonder why users don’t just view the desktop site on their cell phones or tablets.

But this is not good either for your SEO or your audience. A desktop site opened on a small screen can look cluttered and messy and the user might find they are having to pinch to zoom just to be able to read some of the icons or menus.

Instead, develop a separate site for a cell phone or tablet where some of the menus have been collapsed or moved and the site fits the screen properly.

3. Be Patient

Don’t expect your site to suddenly zoom up in Google’s rankings overnight or your traffic to double. SEO takes time, consistency and a lot of measuring analytics to see what works. It takes most sites one year, perhaps even two before they start to see solid results.

A steady increase in clicks is what you’re looking for and what Google is looking for rather than ‘clickbait where your site generates increased traffic for a few hours that will shortly die away.

Online Visibility Takes Time

Online visibility is all about generating good quality content and making life easier for your users. And this takes time. Linking to good quality sites if the user wants to find more information and ensuring the website is optimized for mobile users is a good place to start.

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