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Search Engine Optimization

Outstanding SEO to get your website to page one of Google for the keyword families most important to you.

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Search Engine Marketing

Effective SEM to increase your website’s visibility in search engine results through PPC advertising

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Increase traffic. Dominate the first page of google. Need we say more!

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services. With our complete range of SEO and Digital Marketings services, you have the ability to focus on your business while we take care of the SEO that brings traffic to your website, and leads for your business.
Our clients are national and local businesses across Canada in a variety of industries. Our focus is to find innovative brand and consumer connections for our clients.
We follow Google’s algorithm changes to ensure that we can bring SEO advantages to our clients’ websites.

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Search Engine Marketing

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Steeped SEO

How we help your business move up in search engine rankings

Steeped Digital Works has over 30 years of experience in Marketing. We take pride in delivering Dynamic Search Engine Optimization solutions for our clients. We provide Intelligent Custom Online Marketing Solutions that are uniquely built for each client. We do not follow the principle of one size fits all. Our Goal is provide and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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Insights from website and competition audits

Effective keyword strategies

Content strategies that drive engagement

Strong link building campaigns

Expert blogging and guest blogging if needed

Powerful SEO campaigns


What is in a name

As anyone in business who has tried to find a brand name and website domain url knows, finding a name that you like and which demonstrates your business or niche and for which the “.com” url is available, is very difficult. Nay it’s closer to impossible. We tried for several months to find a brand name that we liked and for which the “.com” url was available. Eventually, we stumbled on Steeped which comes from my love of tea – which I must confess, I drink in prodigious amounts! Steeped appears to me to have the right connotations it shows that something has been given the time to mature. Steeped works as much for Tea as it does for culture or learning – think of “steeped in culture” or “steeped in learning”.
To my mind that was the alchemy in the promise that we were looking for. Steeped Digital’s team has experience in traditional Brand Building, Consumer Psychology, Marketing, and Advertising both in the Physical World, Online Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and top of the line web design. Not least, the team prides itself on its SEO cred. Our success is measurable and demonstrable.
We take pride in delivering Intelligent Solutions and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World. We think of ourselves not as an external agency but as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. So while Juliet was right when in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet she asked the immortal question “what is in a name? That which we call a rose……..”. In the modern business context, we find that there indeed is a lot in a name. It’s a device that conveys the promise of the organization, in addition to conveying the salience of the organization itself!
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